Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Free Stuff!!

Yeah that's right, we're giving away No Doubt's newest album titled "Push and Shove".
Why are we doing this you may ask? Simple! We want to give you something for hanging around and checking out the site. Plus you tell your friends about us and we love that because who doesn't love to spread the word!?


1. You must live in the good ol' United States of America,
2. You must understand that you will have to provide an address upon winning so I can ship it to you.
3. You have to either like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and/or tweet about the contest.
4. You must spread the word about The New Tune. After all we thrive off visitors!

Other things good to know:

You will receive two "entries" each for liking the Facebook page and following us on Twitter, you can get one more point for tweeting about the contest leaving you with a total of six possible entries. 
Think of it this way, for each of these things you do your name gets thrown into a metaphorical hat thus increasing your odds of winning. Also you must use the contest widget in this post to complete an entry. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks everyone for participating and best of luck to you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hey Everyone! Welcome to the third installment of the features being done here on The New Tune, I sincerely hope you enjoy this artist as much as I did when he contacted me.

This is - Alex Shepard "Alpha380"

Producer, vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, and DJ! A one man army with a sound you'll instantly recognize as one of the best sounds since, what reminded me of, a more house-ish Blink-182 or Owl City.

In 2011, Alpha380 reached an impressive 610,000 people by having his single, "Tonight, Tonight" off his 2010 "Satellite" EP, featured by 3,244 national and international US airlines!

Also in 2011 he released a new EP simply titled "Lights" displaying his strong electo/pop background.

This year he released his newest album titled "Satellite" which is by far his strongest album to date! A mixture of house, electronic, pop, and punk style are introduced with some stylistic keyboard and guitar to play out an intense listening experience.

Check out his single, my personal favorite, titled "Terminals"

Alpha380 - Terminals (2012)

Also give him some love up on his facebook page!

Comments and thoughts always welcome below. See you all next post!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Moment of Inertia

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the second installment of the features I've been doing here on The New Tune.
Today's band is Moment of Inertia. These guys bring the definition of rock with their heavy rifs,  sick drumming, and grungy lyrics.

moment of inertia rock metal band

When I first heard these guys I was sitting here with my brother, his wife, and my girlfriend and as soon as I hit play on their bandcamp page their was a collective F*** YES from the entire room! Honestly nothing short of amazingness, Something close to taking Tool and Disturbed and smashing them together to make a great sound that makes you want to just raise your fist in complete acceptance of their intense music.

Give these guys some love by checking out their bandcamp page and leave me some love by throwing out your opinion in the comment section!

See you all next post!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Not Half Bad

The first band of many to be reviewed and featured here on The New Tune. We can thank these folks for keeping alive the punk scene:

Matt Scifres - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Chase Rowe - Lead Guitar/Background Vocals
Alex Weymier - Bass/Bacground Vocals
Cole Vardeman - Drums (studio)
Zakk Jackson - Drums (live)

Not Half Bad came to me from the Reddit submission prepared and ready, needless to say I was incredibly impressed by their self described punk/pop/folk sound. These guys have an awesome sound and range that you rarely hear anymore and definitely ranks up there with some of their influences such as NOFX, The Dopamines, Black Flag, and many more. 

So if you're anything like me and love the punk rock scene you have to check them out, they've brought something new and interesting to the table that just can't be ignored and their hard work, dedication, and true love for the art definitely shines through when they play. So at this point I know you're interested and dying to hear this badass band! So without further adieu here is their bandcamp page

Now that you realized you love them let them know on their facebook page!

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section!

See you all next post,


Sick Artists Featured Here!

Alright here's the deal, yesterday I put a post up on asking bands who would like more coverage to send me an E-Mail for a chance to be featured on the blog. I honestly did not expect to the amount of E-Mails I received. After careful review and one long night rife with INCREDIBLY tough decisions, I finally narrowed the bands down to seven of my favorites. I want to personally thank ALL of the bands that reached out, It was really nice to see this many people interested in the development of this blog and I apologize that I couldn't give you all a spot! So with that said here's a list of the bands/groups that will receive their own post here on The New Tune:


The Orange Revival

Everyday Prophets

Not Half Bad

Moment of Inertia

Luc Toews

Radio Galactic

Please do remember these bands are in no specific order, one may come before another there is no solid line-up as of yet. Stay tuned to see these bands/groups get the post they deserve! 

Also on a completely unrelated note I'm looking for someone who might be able to create a small image to replace that little "B" next to the tab up there.. see it? Yeah that. Also in need of a new background. I know I like this one too but it's just too stock. So if this is you leave a comment with your E-Mail and I'll hit you up.
Also Ad Sense is up so feel free to click a link or two!

See you all soon,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Out with the old in the the new

So here's the deal everyone. As soon as my AdSense account gets approved I will be removing my first 7 posts and starting from scratch promoting nothing buy new music, bands, and of course the occasional informative post about changes.

This should take place anywhere from two days to two weeks so just ride out the changes!

Edit: I am also reviewing all the emails I have received so hang in there and you may see your band up here!

See ya on the next post!

Fixed Layout

Hey Everyone! Some of you may be wondering what's up with the big ass blank spot under the posts. Well honestly so am I. I'm currently trying to implement a few advertisements (non-intrusive) and i believe it's freaking out the layout. Hopefully all will be back to normal soon. Thanks for stickin through it.

Edit: As you can all see the problem has been resolved and back to normal thanks to some kind friends!

See you all next post!